Lullwater Digital Partners is an Atlanta-based private investment firm that partners with founders and business owners seeking to transition their business.

As entrepreneurs and operators, we understand what it takes to build a business and how important it is to have the right partner in a transition. 

Lullwater’s Strategy

We are focused on investing in stable, differentiated web-based businesses. We are particularly interested in websites and web-based businesses with recurring revenue and digital product, membership community, SaaS and directory business models.

Our Values

Our common background and vision for investing centers on key principles that include:

Investment Approach

We invest broadly across digital assets, including in areas such as digital products, membership communities, marketplaces, SaaS, and directories. 

We cater to the needs of sellers by offering speed, certainty of close and a flexible approach to transaction structure to fit specific needs.

We do not place definitive size criteria limits on our investments, as our ability to scale capital to meet opportunities is quite broad.  However, our typical target company will generate annual profit of $100,000 to $500,000.

As we evaluate investment opportunities, we are most excited about businesses with recurring revenue, a differentiated product / service offering, and a stable customer base. Such qualities underpin a business’s capacity to endure and grow.